Map of the starting line area

The starting line of the Zurich Maratón de Sevilla will be located in the Paseo de las Delicias, in the intersection of the Glorieta de Buenos Aires.

The runners who arrive from the Glorieta de Marineros, should go to the cloakroom area, located on Avenida Santiago Montoto (in the Seville’s Port), a street parallel to the one of the starting area. Once they’ve left their belongings, they should go to the Avenida de Molini, and from there they will access the starting boxes area. If you arrive at the race from the Glorieta de Marineros and you do not have belongings to leave in the cloakroom, you must go to the starting boxes either by the Port, by the cloakroom area or by the lower area of the Port.

The runners that arrive at the exit from the Avenida de la Guardia Civil, the Avenida Molini or the Paseo de la Palmera, can enter directly to the starting boxes area at the intersection of those three avenues. If they have to use the cloakroom, they must go to Avenida Santiago Montoto (in the Port of Seville), which is a street parallel to the starting area, and once they leave their belongings, they must return to Avenida de Molini, from which they will access the starting boxes area.

The access of the runners to the starting boxes area will be made by the Paseo de las Delicias, at the intersection between Avenida de Molini, Avenida de la Guardia CivilPaseo de las Delicias and Paseo de la Palmera.

In that zone there will be a control, and only the runners with the bib number and the bracelet of the starting box will be allowed.

From there, there will be side lanes enabled for the passage of the runners, who will look for their starting box and enter from the sides to the assigned box for each runner.

In the following image you can see a graphic explanation of the circulation of the runners to access the cloakroom and the starting boxes:

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